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What to eat when traveling – healthy food tips

What to eat when traveling – healthy food tips

Have you ever struggled to stick to your diet while traveling? If answer is NO than either you have superpowers or you are lying to yourself. I will be honest, it has been always my biggest fight with myself – to keep my diet, follow my strict eating regime and timings and stick to foods that I have to eat, especially when I have to travel for more than 2 days for work. It has been like that lately and it has been extra hard to me especially because for 10 days I had to eat only liquid or truly soft foods so had to adopt my diet to it.

Awful, difficult and so frustrating are the words that describes my last weeks diet and lifestyle. I am quite disappointed with myself and current condition that couldn’t follow nor control easily what I am eating, loads of foods I could eat was full of sugar and salt, the timings were shifted because I have been traveling and sitting in meetings from morning to night, following company dinner afterwards that messes up everything and on top of that – lack of exercise as were not allowed to and when I could was not able to add a training in my agenda (apart the morning workout in my hotel in Stockholm) as my days started already at 6am and finished 11pm. Needless to say that were exhausted to add a 1h of a workout. The result is disappointing – gained weight (2 kg) and loss of muscles (which is worse than gaining weight).

Despite falling out of my regular diet, I was glad to be in Sweden as this Nordic country offers great healthy options everywhere and are really cautious on what people are eating as it must be fit, healthy and “clean”.  Nordic food companies are promoting the healthy food options and foods heavily they are even putting calories also on top of their packaging just to show how healthy they are, invests in fit smoothies and high protein drinks and foods so staying fit in these countries are easy-peasy! 

So here is my one week in pictures of my dishes – all soft, healthy and delicious and recommended for everyone to consider while traveling and especially when you are in Nordics.

Travel lunch box - avocado and turkey

Travel lunch box – avocado and turkey

As I travel so much I know already what healthy options each airport is offering but as I were having these special “soft” requirements of my food I decided to bring with me lunch box with prepared turkey fillet (blended) together with half avocado.

Hotel dinner

Hotel dinner

As arrived at night decided to make my own easy dinner at my hotel room therefore went to closest convenient store and got myself some food for dinner and breakfast. For my surprise the place offered even freshly boiled eggs, so went for that, kids meal and Rostbeef. Unfortunately were pretty unlucky with my choices as the kids meal was something inedible (poor kids), rostbeef was so salty that managed to eat just one piece so in the end stick to egg whites and cocoa water leaving avocado and oat shake for breakfast.

In the end went to bed quite hungry, but determined to have something better next morning.. (for a disappointment avocado turned out to be old so had to get something from the hotel bar.)

my hotel breakfast

my hotel breakfast

.. my choice fell for a soft dark bread, turkey and a cheese together with a orange juice and raspberry smoothie which was extremely good. (Love staying in HTL hotel in Stockholm. Good breakfast and hip interior – right in downtown).

As for my meeting lunch my business partners were nice enough to hook me up with soups every day as they have wide variaty unlike South of Europe capitals, so were set with that.

As for dinner I went for fish offerings and potato purees and I must say I do not regret my decisions as Nordic countries are famous for their fishes so recommended to try even if does not have chewing problems.

Fish dish

Fish dish at Prinsen, Stockholm

salmon and avocado

Salmon and avocado starter

Fish main course

Fish main course

This lovely meal was in Miss Clara by Nobis. wonderful restaurant with lovely, traditional dishes!


So this was business trip in food pictures which was concluded by a lovely smoothie (avocado mango) by Soupernatural when got back here in Milan.


Avocado mango smoothie

Avocado mango smoothie

Soupernatural is right behind the famous Milan’s Duomo so perfect stopping place for a healthy bite on-the-go. Check it out if coming to Milan. 

I know it’s been frustrating to eat clean and work out, BUT I am determined to get back on track with my training despite of my traveling now every week around the globe. (First stop Tokyo tomorrow, so stay tuned and follow me! ) 


What’s your favorite fast, healthy food stop and where? Would love to hear it and check it out!


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