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And the Fit Spring Giveaway winner is…

And the Fit Spring Giveaway winner is…

Easter is over and holiday as well so it means just one thing – that also my lovely Fit girl spring holiday contest on Instagram is over, well the first one at least. This was the first time for me organizing a contest like this since starting my blog 2 months ago however already can assure that will not be the last one!

It was truly great to hear from you girls how you keep fit during your holidays: some were doing cardio, some yoga, some others was watching out on what to eat and were drinking plenty of water instead of sugary drinks. I am sure that everyone has their own tricks that makes you feel fitter and allow yourself to treat you with some extra Easter pie or piece of chocolate and do not feel guilty afterwards. What was my trick? I went running outside on evenings, went for walks in the city and hit the gym (leg day), all that to cut myself a slack and allowing myself to eat some traditional Southern Italy Easter foods and try some sweets. Although this week will be recouping with gym and returning back on track with my diet-after all – Summer is coming, so stay tuned and let’s get back on track together!

Enough talking! Now! (drumroll…) the lucky winner is a lady named Sissabio !

The lucky winner

The lucky winner – Sissabio

Congratulations you have won a pair of a Luli Art Bijoux earrings! Contact me to redeem your gift! Keep fit and active!

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