My Stockholm recommendations

My Stockholm recommendations

At least 4 times I year I go for work to Stockholm and during my trips I have observed and learned some tricks and tips that must be obeyed once you are there! so why not share them with you?

Usually i do not have time for long strolls from one island to other ( however must say it is wonderful, especially in July), but I do have picked up some nice things from Swedes, like afternoon tea time – coffee brake – FIKA (pronounced fee-ka) usually it has been accompanied with a cinnamon sweet. my preferred is always cinnamon roll or bun. (It’s pretty easy to make and will post a recipe  ASAP). Cinnamon is my winter’s BFF. Sweds like to pop in a nice Cupcake and Bakeries to enjoy it properly. So did I.
Here are some Cinnamon rolls on a special edition Swedish designer trays ( Åry Trays )
Ary Trays for Hello Kitty
Ary Trays for Hello Kitty
Recommendation number 2: If you like to see famous Nordic design and designer products, just even to get an inspiration: Must visit this fashion department store called PUB   They have some amazing in store exhibitions as well as product placement which usually is themed and changed often.
here are some preview. Enjoy a small preview of some Swedish design.
young artist works
Designer’s guild – love their colors and patterns
Ary Trays


Designer’s guild room corner
typical room concept in regular Swedish house

Recommendation nr.3
Swedes are really practical and they love home parties, dinner gatherings etc. as general in Nordics it is unwritten rule to bring a gift to the host – a.k.a not to go with empty hands to somebody’s house, even if it is just a dinner. as practical people they prefer some decoration element or kitchen utensil that can be used in practice rather than some weird ornament without practical use. so once invited to somebody’s place – think about something practical like some nice Candle holder (which is really popular in Nordics ) or some nice vase, cushion or stay with the regular – a bottle of a good vine.

To Sum up – Stockholm is a place you should visit if want to live some real Nordic experience, soak up some creative inspiration and enjoy some good Fika time with your pals.

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